Kenny is a finalist in the PBR Drink&Draw contest!

Updated: June 5, 2015

Kenny: "I WON!!!! ‪#‎pbr‬ ‪#‎pbrdrinkanddraw‬ ‪#‎pabstblueribbon‬ ‪#‎kennyfarmerart‬ thank you so much @hockeymom132000 and @nwwing and all of your friends for their support!!!!!"
"Thank you all, I will get to talk to PBR about what they are going to to with the artwork when I fly out to PDX in 2 weeks. This artwork will be on all the PBR coasters in the Portland area. Could be used in their advertising.... I'm really stoked! Also... Might have to learn guitar now?"
Andrew: I will post more details about his win when I get them...

Portland Friends and other readers/fans/friends! My, your, our, good friend and Allison Crossed co-creator, Kenny Farmer got his drawing in the top 20 for the Pabst Blue Ribbon Drink & Draw Art Show, the winning art will be transformed into the PBR coasters at all bars in Oregon!

Voting for winners will take place tonight, 7pm, at Grand Central Restaurant and Bowling Lounge (808 SE Morrison St, Portland, Oregon 97214) If you can make it down to this event and give him a vote (or vote for the one you really like) it would be much appreciated/totally awesome! Congrats Kenny, fingers crossed! ‪#‎PBR‬ ‪#‎Pabst‬ ‪#‎PBRart‬ ‪#‎Drink‬&Draw

Details — PBR Drink&Draw at Grand Central Bowling and here.kenny

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We’re back!

After a long absence, in many ways, we’re back.

I forgot to renew/pay the domain registration and hosting fees again so the site was down for about 3 weeks — you may have noticed…

I’m also back from a recent trip to New York City. I was visiting Kenny. It was my first time there. I got to see a lot of cool things and spend some time with good friends. Among other things, we talked a little about the comic and its future, face-to-face, in person, rather than through Skype, for the first time in a very long time. We’re making progress/moving right along and hopefully we’ll soon be back to regular posts and previews.


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Happy New Year!

Ive been meaning to post an update/holiday salutation since before Christmas and have just not gotten around to it…

Now, two weeks in, seems like as good of a time as any. Plus, since we are now two weeks in rather than two seconds into the new year, I can honestly preface the greeting with “happy” since it certainly seems to be going well.

As for Allison and the comic, issue two is still a thing and in progress. We just hit a few speed bumps and slowed down a bit…that’s what those bumps are for right?

Issue #1 ( still up for sale, a fresh printed copy eagerly awaits your clammy hands. I know you’ve got Christmas money burning a hole in your pocket and this comic is so affordable it will likely only sear your stash. And just because its no longer the holiday giving season, doesn’t mean people don’t like presents — you get them a copy of this, I guarantee they’ll love you long time.

Try to pry at least one eye open every now and again during this winter hibernation and pear this way for more updates…we’ll have something for you eventually. Cheers.

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Allison Crossed Issue #1 is Now For Sale!

Here it is folks, we finally did it. After almost a year of hard work and at least a month since we said it would be available, you can finally get a hard copy, in color, of Allison Crossed Issue #1! Digital copies available too…

Click here to get your copy now!

or HERE, or below!

This issue is being sold exclusively through IndyPlanet, so unless Kenny or I happens to have a copy or two on hand (which we probably won’t), this is the only place you can get a copy.

Thanks everyone for your support. We hope you enjoy it. For those of you who have followed along with our weekly installments and/or think you’ve read it all, you ain’t seen nothing yet — this thing is edited and in color! It looks great, I’m so happy how well it turned out. The folks at Ka-Blam did a great job printing this thing. Thanks to them for putting up with my incompetence — getting this printed/their process was totally new to me and I know I put a little strain on them. If you have anything you want to print and sell, I highly recommend you click on the banner at the top of this page and check them out.

Issue #2 of Allison Crossed is underway (and Kenny won’t let it take another year/we’ve worked out a lot of the kinks and bottlenecks…), stay tuned for updates, previews, and eventually, weekly installments of your favorite, crazy characters, with guns…

Allison Crossed #1

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The fruits of our labor…still coming soon

It’s Labor Day. I pay union dues so I’m not working today. Though, I did give issue #1, one last read through this morning before uploading it back to the printer. One last correction needs made and then it will be for sale.

To tide you over for that anouncment, I thought I’d share this fan art drawn by an awesome fan…ok, it was drawn by me…Did I mention Kenny was here in Oregon for a visit and a special, early Drink & Draw? It’s a local, social group he started before moving away…More on that visit and maybe on the club later…not working today, remember?

Check us out (Kenny, Kurk, and I were all there this month…usually these days its just me) Drink & Draw Social Club Grants Pass Chapter

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The proof is in the pudding!

The proof prints came in and we busted our asses editing and fixing the mistakes. This thing is legit. We’re in print! Sending fixed pages back to printer.

You should be able to buy a copy in no time. I’ll post details for purchasing as soon as I have them.



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I lied…sorry…

I told you all I’d be doing regular posts regardless of new pages coming out…and I didn’t. My apologies. Summer came. I got busy doing summer things…

The good news is that right now as I’m typing this, Kenny is re-saving all the files into the correct format for our printer and we should be uploading them tonight/ordering two proof copies. As soon as we get those and are satisfied, we’ll give them the OK, and then we’ll let you know how to get your very own, colored copy — or at least give you a smile to know that your friends finished and printed their project.

I had meant to write about so much more, but my back is killing me and I need to finish packing for a camping trip that I leave for in the morning. Also, I forgot what those things were.

Essentially, I’m sorry for not writing more blog posts in the interim that few are seemingly reading/seeing. But I’m happy to announce, Kenny and I have reached our goal, pretty much…

Talk to you soon.

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Good Morning

Nothing new to report this week, Kenny and I Skyped yesterday but we both kinda slacked on homework. Glad not have been the only one this time. We’re definitely starting to gear up for our summer adventures. We’ve got a family wedding in a couple of months, so he’ll be making a trip out here/back home to Oregon. But we’re also still working on getting issue 1 to print and issue 2 knocked out.

Just saying “hello world”, still not getting a lot of replies…

We’re assuming/hoping someone will want to own a printed copy…do you?

In other news, I took third in a moustache contest and made the news: Mail Tribune

And Kenny is about to run another tough mudder.

We won’t be meeting again until the 25th so you may not hear from me/us again until after that. Enjoy the nice weather, looks like summer is here.

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Im an attention whore

Hey Folks, how we doin? I’m doing well thanks. We might might not be posting any new pages right now but we’d love to start hearing from you, it’ll keep us going and motivated towards the next issue. I’ll take a one letter comment right here on this blog, just one letter, not like a wish list to Santa sent in the mail, just one single, solitary vowel or consonant typed into your browser will do. Multiple letters arranged into sentences would be even better but I’ll take what I can get.

I know you are out there reading this. Or at least sort of paying attention. I’ve been hearing, by actual face to face interaction that some of your are reading this, or were waiting for all the pages to be posted to read it–well now they are. Jump on the future bandwagon and tell us about here on the web…I cant stand having real conversations for more than 20 seconds without checking the facebook and neither can you, so why so silent? Encourage us or discourage us…we have like 200 followers, but I only know of like a dozen who are paying attention…


So here’s what I think is going to go down between now and the start of the release of issue 2 pages:

Kenny lives in New York, I live in Oregon, we used to live in Oregon together. Close enough to each other that we could walk to a bar roughly in the middle of our locations to get hammered. Now we Skype like its our religion. Once a week, no matter what, usually Wednesday, often Thursday. After these sessions, I’ll post to let you know what we’re up to. We hope you’ll be paying attention/want to know (see above), if not, well I seems I’ll be doing it anyway. This site is paid for for another year…this site and this comic are good hobbies/activities for me, for us, so we’ll continue. I know the What’s The Point guys will keep up, keep poking harmless, interested fun, keep mispronouncing my last name…or else Kenny will beat them up…just jokes…

I guess I’m looking for the cherry on top of the good benefits this has already brought me…

Right now Kenny is combining the colored pages with my layouts on top of the printer’s template and we’re really wishing Adobe just made a single product that did everything Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Acrobat did all in one…I understand why they don’t, but I’m still pissed about it…also, someone should tell our printer, it will probably end up being me, that their F.A.Q. as basically search results for blog post question and answers is an awful way to help your customers…Please put your ad in our comic Mr. Printer, I’m not talking trash(printer to remain unnamed for now…)

Regardless, we’ll print this damn thing even if we only sell two copies…proof #1 and proof#2…

Please stand by…and be the loud guy in the crowd yelling at the cops (read commenting on our posts/dropping us a line…)

Thanks folks. Now back to my other homework that Kenny has assigned me (read, take of my shoes, crack open beer, lay on the couch and watch TV…I love you Kenny…I need to do laundry and turn off the garden sprinkler too…)

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No memorial here…

We’re just getting started. Yes, this marks the end of the first 24 pages, but it also trumpets the coming of the next 24! See all 24 pages and a cover right here, right now and stay tuned for the next installment.

It’s looking like a fall-ish premiere of the continued adventures of Allison. We’ve got print to worry about and I’ve got to hammer out the script details…much of the next 24 is already drawn…you can thank Kenny’s work for sending him to Hong Kong, he had way to much time on a plane with pencils and paper, and you can blame my busy schedule, er drinking, for the rest of the delay…plus it’s summer and I want to get out and play in the sun, my vitamin D pills need some help.

Don’t go too far cuz I’ll still crank out these witty posts on a regular basis and Kenny will give me some teaser artwork to sate you craving. Plus, we’ll hopefully have details on acquiring Allison in print — which reminds me, no one solved my scavenger hunt so it will be full price for all! I’m sure we’ll come up with other contests and/or opportunities to score a free copy but the scavenger hunt is officially closed.

Anyhow, I spent all day (read: weekend) drinking in the sun watching jetboat races and I’m pooped. Hope everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend and that you remember it wasn’t just the first three day weekend of summer to bbq and get shit faced.

html 5/mobile: CLICK HERE

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