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No memorial here…

Posted by on May 27, 2014

We’re just getting started. Yes, this marks the end of the first 24 pages, but it also trumpets the coming of the next 24! See all 24 pages and a cover right here, right now and stay tuned for the next installment.

It’s looking like a fall-ish premiere of the continued adventures of Allison. We’ve got print to worry about and I’ve got to hammer out the script details…much of the next 24 is already drawn…you can thank Kenny’s work for sending him to Hong Kong, he had way to much time on a plane with pencils and paper, and you can blame my busy schedule, er drinking, for the rest of the delay…plus it’s summer and I want to get out and play in the sun, my vitamin D pills need some help.

Don’t go too far cuz I’ll still crank out these witty posts on a regular basis and Kenny will give me some teaser artwork to sate you craving. Plus, we’ll hopefully have details on acquiring Allison in print — which reminds me, no one solved my scavenger hunt so it will be full price for all! I’m sure we’ll come up with other contests and/or opportunities to score a free copy but the scavenger hunt is officially closed.

Anyhow, I spent all day (read: weekend) drinking in the sun watching jetboat races and I’m pooped. Hope everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend and that you remember it wasn’t just the first three day weekend of summer to bbq and get shit faced.

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