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Im an attention whore

Posted by on June 5, 2014

Hey Folks, how we doin? I’m doing well thanks. We might might not be posting any new pages right now but we’d love to start hearing from you, it’ll keep us going and motivated towards the next issue. I’ll take a one letter comment right here on this blog, just one letter, not like a wish list to Santa sent in the mail, just one single, solitary vowel or consonant typed into your browser will do. Multiple letters arranged into sentences would be even better but I’ll take what I can get.

I know you are out there reading this. Or at least sort of paying attention. I’ve been hearing, by actual face to face interaction that some of your are reading this, or were waiting for all the pages to be posted to read it–well now they are. Jump on the future bandwagon and tell us about here on the web…I cant stand having real conversations for more than 20 seconds without checking the facebook and neither can you, so why so silent? Encourage us or discourage us…we have like 200 followers, but I only know of like a dozen who are paying attention…


So here’s what I think is going to go down between now and the start of the release of issue 2 pages:

Kenny lives in New York, I live in Oregon, we used to live in Oregon together. Close enough to each other that we could walk to a bar roughly in the middle of our locations to get hammered. Now we Skype like its our religion. Once a week, no matter what, usually Wednesday, often Thursday. After these sessions, I’ll post to let you know what we’re up to. We hope you’ll be paying attention/want to know (see above), if not, well I seems I’ll be doing it anyway. This site is paid for for another year…this site and this comic are good hobbies/activities for me, for us, so we’ll continue. I know the What’s The Point guys will keep up, keep poking harmless, interested fun, keep mispronouncing my last name…or else Kenny will beat them up…just jokes…

I guess I’m looking for the cherry on top of the good benefits this has already brought me…

Right now Kenny is combining the colored pages with my layouts on top of the printer’s template and we’re really wishing Adobe just made a single product that did everything Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Acrobat did all in one…I understand why they don’t, but I’m still pissed about it…also, someone should tell our printer, it will probably end up being me, that their F.A.Q. as basically search results for blog post question and answers is an awful way to help your customers…Please put your ad in our comic Mr. Printer, I’m not talking trash(printer to remain unnamed for now…)

Regardless, we’ll print this damn thing even if we only sell two copies…proof #1 and proof#2…

Please stand by…and be the loud guy in the crowd yelling at the cops (read commenting on our posts/dropping us a line…)

Thanks folks. Now back to my other homework that Kenny has assigned me (read, take of my shoes, crack open beer, lay on the couch and watch TV…I love you Kenny…I need to do laundry and turn off the garden sprinkler too…)


3 Responses to Im an attention whore

  1. Rolando Garcia (@roshow)

    (it’s not an “S.” It stands for “hope.”)

  2. Andrew Huston

    I hope you will elaborate

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