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I lied…sorry…

Posted by on July 31, 2014

I told you all I’d be doing regular posts regardless of new pages coming out…and I didn’t. My apologies. Summer came. I got busy doing summer things…

The good news is that right now as I’m typing this, Kenny is re-saving all the files into the correct format for our printer and we should be uploading them tonight/ordering two proof copies. As soon as we get those and are satisfied, we’ll give them the OK, and then we’ll let you know how to get your very own, colored copy — or at least give you a smile to know that your friends finished and printed their project.

I had meant to write about so much more, but my back is killing me and I need to finish packing for a camping trip that I leave for in the morning. Also, I forgot what those things were.

Essentially, I’m sorry for not writing more blog posts in the interim that few are seemingly reading/seeing. But I’m happy to announce, Kenny and I have reached our goal, pretty much…

Talk to you soon.


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