Time Flies

Here we are again, it seems like just yesterday I was posting the previous two pages, and like a short time before that I was posting the first few.

While a fair amount has happened between those first few and these next two, it seems like not a whole lot has happened between last week and today. I had dinner with my mom, sister, grandma, and visiting aunt, got some yard work done, had a birthday, maybe cracked a rib again…ate, slept…blinked, and it was Tuesday again(technically Monday night for me).

I also ran across this, and didn’t get a chance to read it all(looking at it now, apparently I could have listened to it), someone read it(listen) and tell me about it okay? I think its kind of related to this project or something: Alice in Comicland

My beer can is almost empty, before it turns into midnight in no time flat, I need to run to the store for smokes and an ACE bandage to wrap this rib problem. Except, I started watching the new Cosmos tonight while working on this, and I can’t seem to take my eyes away from it for too long. Most of this stuff I know already, Im only on episode two, but damn, science/learning is awesome! I think Lew would have enjoyed this show too.

Still no takers on the scavenger hunt. There’s another goof/fix in last weeks post and this weeks. If you find this one, you’ll have a hint as to the difference you are looking for in the scavenger hunt contest…

This is all just a really tiny blip on the cosmic calendar folks, take your time with these next two, we’re practically at the end of this chapter, talk at you again shortly.

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Treacle, treacle little post.

It’s my birthday this weekend. Fish bowl margaritas the size of my head are on the horizon…

Still no takers on the free copy/scavenger hunt? Did I make it too hard? Or is everyone just liking our Facebook posts and ignoring the blog? I’d love to know, I just renewed the .com, but our hosting package is coming up for renewal soon too…

In case you can’t find the rules: Go Here.

I’m exhausted today so I’m going to make this short. There is also a short amount of time before this chapter raps up and we’ll be on hiatus until the next 24 pages start coming out. In that interim we’ll be finishing up the story and stuff as well as working on getting these pages to print.

I’ll keep posting regularly throughout.

Just finished helping a friend establish her first web presence and got a bunch of her photography uploaded, hopefully have some shots of beautiful me up there soon. But you can see what we got up so far right now!

In other web news, Andrewsmoustache.com may soon point to an actual webpage instead of my Facebook, so stay tuned for that.

Thanks to the guys at Whats the Point podcast for the shout out,

Andy Umlaut out!

Here it is:

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Raiders of the bad dates

So Saturday was free comic book day, hope you went out and got some free comics…speaking of free comics, looks there are still not takers on the scavenger hunt…want another free comic? Get at it! I was going to announce the winner and/or losers today but no one is even trying…Josh, all of your guesses are wrong and non sequitur.

I almost skipped Free Comic Book Day at my local shop (Iguana Comics) because the line was around the damn corner for Tony Moore (Too many links to him/his stuff, I just picked one)…(check it google, Im linking, famous people to boot, up my page rank or something…), but I had time to kill while the old lady got ready to go to the Elk Mountain Games (Go here to find out more–more links google/internet gods!). So i stood in line for like 45, agonizing minutes, learned all about Magic the Gathering decks from the others in line, got two free, mediocre preview comics, skipped the celebrity and the crowd and went out for a May day/highland games festival where I took first in partial beard at a facial hair contest (got a little goatee keeping the ‘stache company).

In other holiday/date news, I would be remiss in not mentioning other recent holidays/iconic days (after all, I’m a heathen and I previously mentioned and celebrated Easter…):

Happy May Day/May Fest/Maifest…Walpurgisnacht…I love you pagans.

May the 4th be with you and stuff…I hear Kenny brought back the unofficial Gods Must be Crazy sequels on VCD from China to watch in celebration, or maybe it was…something about Star Wars…the machete order, more on Danny Trejo later…

Fact for that day, not that it has any relation to this comic or anything, but Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland takes place on May 4th—the birthday of Alice Liddell. No relation to Chuck…

Lastly, Feliz Cinco de Gringo, er, Mayo…I was going to make tacos, but I drank a couple margaritas and Netflix recommended I watch Gladiator (I’m not going to link to that…), I did and it was over for me…I did however make Ranch dressing yesterday with mayo I bought from Grocery Outlet that expired last month, it was sealed and packed full of preservatives, tasted fine to me, I only pooped four times today…had I ate Mexican it might have been six.

Happy Taco Tuesday it is then. Maybe I’ll watch Machete for this…

What did you do? Tell us, or not, but at least enjoy these next two pages. Can I get an AMEN?

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Sort of a scavenger hunt…

So you already read the two new pages and its 3 or 4ish days until the next two are posted…what are you to do?

Let’s play a game of sorts. First person to post the answer in the comments on the Facebook post (on the Allison Facebook page not on someone else’s who might have shared it), for this post, will get a free copy of the print version when it comes out (i’ll buy it for you that is)…confusing? Figuring out where exactly to post your answer is part of the game…

So here’s your task:

Identify the difference in pages posted between last week and this week (Food for thought, 4/29 & There are two rabbits…4/22). I posted an incorrect/older version image last week and only fixed it in this weeks post (each post/page flipper book is a different/new instance in order to start it on the page of the week — cuz I don’t code so good…). This will only work/you’ll only be able to find this by viewing the in post book/flipper, the mobile version is only one instance and I just add pages (It is fixed there though).

There are plenty of hints here so it should be pretty easy to spot. I just wrote this oddly and confusingly to make it harder…

Ready? Go…

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Food for thought…

It rained almost all weekend, today it’s sunny and beautiful outside. Too nice to stay inside and wax poetic.

I’m on the second, and last, season of Hack. I’m still enjoying it. My new addiction this week is the Safeway bargain meat bin, sounds gross but its actually awesome. Check it everyday, if its pull date is that day, BAM!, 30-50% off steak (ribeye and new york from $2.50 to $4 a piece, not a pound!). If you have a Safeway, or yours is like mine, directly behind this bin is the new micro brew end cap and generally most of the 22’s are on sale. My current fav, brought to you by the makers of my favorite summer beer (Blonde Bombshell, now available all year cuz it was so popular), Cascade Lakes IRA, india-style red ale/Red IPA. Try it before you recommend something different to me. East coasters/Midwesters, your’re probably out of luck. However, if you send me a Yeungling or Grain Belt, in addition to this free wit and comic entertainment, I will describe to you the taste of this beer in such great detail that while you are chugging a glass of water, you’ll think you are actually drinking an IRA.

On another note, thanks to my mom for the Easter candy, I just ate a whole bag of Haribo Gold-bears in one sitting. Maybe they’ll help fatten me up.

As this post seams to be all about food, take a note from Allison this week and avoid microwave burritos while you enjoy the next two pages…

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There are two rabbits F*$&ing on this page…

…Just kidding. Two for flinching.

Not a lot of time to get sappy with the difficulties of my life. Its getting better. The stress is subsiding and the anxiety is less so. Heck, I, we, got four pages fixed up and knocked out for you and as Martha Stewart would say, “it’s a good thing!”

Question(s) of the week: How is the html5/mobile version working out for anybody using that? Could it be better? Should I invest some more time in it/leave it as is?

I need to know if I should worry or if its working out ok for now…let us know, if you’re unhappy with any of the viewing formats tell us so we can fix them/make them better. Thanks.

Recommendation of the week: Watch Hack on Netflix with David Morse, seriously it about the only thing that’s kept me sane and relaxed for the past day or so.

…This is the part where I tie in the title of this post and sign off. Hope you had a good Easter or Sunday, whatever you’re into.

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Flying a cargo plane full of rubber dog shit out of Hong Kong!

Friends, Fans, Romans, countryman, it is with great sadness that I bring you such bad news, there will not be two more pages of your beloved Allison today. I think I might be more sad about it than you. The next two pages are probably some of our favorite pages, they are two pages we envisioned before much of this was even written or drawn.

They were practically done. FYI, most of the first 24 pages are done. A few are not fully laid out, that sort of thing. Our process has been to meet each week and essentially edit and give each other final approval on the next couple of pages we post; fine tune them for you, for us.

Sparing you all the gory details, which I contemplated filling you all in on, the gist is that Kenny really is in Hong Kong, so no phone and limited internet, on a completely opposite time schedule. When I’m up, he’s sleeping. There is your geography lesson for the day. Couple that with my own personal daily life, its been a busy year, and a busier few days. I’m upset at myself, not because I feel I’m letting Kenny down, or you, but because I wasn’t able to make enough time for myself to get this done. Since starting this this with Kenny, and getting into his monthly Drink-n-Draws, i had found a door back into art which I had been apart from for too long. Its been good for me.

So, stayed tuned next week. Maybe we’ll give you four pages. At the very least, I’ll try to give you the two pages you were supposed to get today, and a little something extra.

Scott, if you’re out there reading this, I hope the new cabby thing is working out better for you. Remember to start the meter! Interesting night and apparently Channing Tatum was out on the town too…facebook was abuzz, Link, scroll down(sounds like this a common rumor). Now you have some extra time to catch up man.

In the meantime, for all the latest chit chat and contemplation as to what the hell is going on with Allison in this comic, go listen to the guys at WHAT’S THE POINT? PODCAST. Until next week…

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This ain’t Sarah Palin’s Tea Party

I went to a poetry reading/short film fest last night (tonight actually, this is a scheduled post), two things, among others, I brought back from that — coming up with a title is probably the hardest thing to do, not just for me. And, if when you sit down to write, if you start with a specific intention, you’re doomed from the start. If your intent is to describe the beauty of something and you end up blowing that thing to smithereens, then you’ve done a good job. Here’s hoping…hopping?

So when I sat down to put together this post, I intended to do at least two things, to come up with a better title for one of these weekly posts and to write something interesting/worth talking about on social media to help increase our following/interaction from fans (our friends).

Instead, I drank a beer and channel surfed while waiting for an FTP client to download. Its 2014, my internet connection is pretty speedy, that download was done before I made it to the third channel…then I got up and watered the house plants.

Call it Synchronicity, call it pure dumb coincidence, at the end of the reading and short films, there was talk of twitter/facebook and stiff competition in the literary world with the advent of print on demand, ebooks and DIY. The idea in my mind currently, is that we will probably release a print version of Allison via print on demand, and, another spoiler, it will be in color!

Anyway, I read somewhere that to increase traffic and interaction you should talk about things other than yourself or your product and link often to other stuff. The event I attended was called Kukuroo 2014. Author Jim Dodge read some short form poems, they were kind of his coups against haiku and is/are in no way related to the debilitating disease caused by cannibalism. Great writer with a great sense of humor, probably better adjectives out there that could describe his work. Some of his short stories will make you laugh so hard your head will fall off, check him out, you wont be disappointed. Its totally not comic book stuff, but I like it.

This post is still loitering on my to do list for the evening. The pages are sized and ready to go. This uncommonly verbose post is getting longer. That title is still playing hide and go seek. Im about to yell olly olly oxen free. Should it connect the reader to this weeks pages? Should it relate to what I’ve written here?

This week, Kenny is off to China and Mr. White is off to THE tea party, check it out.

How’d I/we do?

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The Dashing Mr. White

Here is a little something to tide you over until Tuesday. Whats this guys deal anyway? picking up strange girls in the park during the day? the most dangerous time to be in the park. what was he doing there? Hopefully we get some more answers this week. Same Allison time.. same Allison Place….

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Page Release #3

No jokes today, we promised two new pages every week, so here are two more pages of our epic “tail.”

We’d really appreciate your feedback, here, on Facebook, or on Twitter, anywhere really. Tell your friends too. I’ll give our biggest fan a prize somewhere down the line.


For mobile users and HTML5 fans,CLICK HERE, its not pretty, but neither is adding a jquery plugin to a wordpress theme, so this is what I’ve got for you, for now.


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